Mystery girl in J-Shep video might be…

Talk about who the girl in the new J-Shep music video for “Warm and Ready” has been storming the internet. Guess what Gossip Pimp might have an exclusive as to who the mystery girl is. “It’s Jennifer Hudson form the voice” a source close to a fan of J-Shep told us. “It could also be Alicia Keys” another source close to the director iCizzle claims “I heard somewhere that Alicia Keys loves J-Shep and his music, so it makes sense”.

Even a friend of a friend tells us that it’s actress “Kiersey Clemons” because I saw a movie that had a similar song that sounded just like “Warm and ready” and why not? Kiersey Clemons is no stranger to music videos as she can be seen in DJ Snakes “The Middle” and the failed remake Flatliners.